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Come see me at my new home!

20 Nov

Hello readers! I’ve had a few alerts recently to let me know that I have newly subscribed readers, which is super-crazy-awesome, but if you got here via Flickr or somewhere else there might be an out-of-date link, you won’t know that I’ve actually moved to a new blogging home! If you’ve subscribed and want to keep reading, I hope you’ll just update and stick with me (and I sure hope you do!), I’ve got an email sign-up thingamy over there as well. My new blog is over here:


If you were following a link directly to a blog post that you were hoping to see, just delete everything to the post title, and replace it with the link above. So for example, if you followed my Flickr photos to see my Flurries knitting pattern and were trying to go here:


Just go here:


instead. Simples!

Hope to see you over at the new place!

xoxo julie