Thanks for stopping by Button, button… and checking out my little crafty world. Although it’s possible I might trying making just about anything, I’m usually to be found knitting or embroidering. I try to share as much of that as I can here – I hope you like what you see and stick around!

Just a little about me: I was born in West Virginia, grew up in Pittsburgh and the Netherlands, now I’m in the UK. I studied literature and love my critters, cheesy 70s TV and music, punk, bad slasher movies, thrift shops, fonts, The Goonies, and summer evenings. I don’t know what my dream is yet – but these projects are certainly a good start:

Button, button logo
is not only the name of my blog, but also the name I publish knitting patterns under. I love colorwork and cables, so those techniques are likely to make frequent appearances in my designs. But then again, I’m a wool addict – I might just try out anything! My free and pay patterns are all available to download via my Ravelry shop and via my sidebar just to the right. You do not need a Ravelry account or a Paypal account to buy the patterns via my sidebar.

Little Dorrit & Co. logo
is mother-and-daugher design and embroidery team Chris (mother) and Julie (me/daughter). Having studied art and literature between us, we decided to apply both to our love of embroidery, using stitches to illustrate the world’s favorite characters and stories. Our patterns are for sale via our etsy shop.

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